Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Festivities!

Hello Bella Fans!

With all of the Fall Holiday Festivities fast approaching, it's time to start planning ahead! Bella has many Fall and Halloween goodies that we will be posting. How about a bouquet of Halloween chocolate, lollipops - Pumpkin Truffles - and Fall themed chocolate platters including juicy, chocolate dipped, apple slices. These treats are sure to add some Fall spice to all of your seasons occasions and leave your guests talking for a while.

Bella Faccias customizes each product to YOU. We also appreciate your input and feedback! or 1.800.401.8990

Fall is just a couple weeks away!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother" - Abraham Lincoln.

Mother's Day is literally right around the corner! May 9th!

Bella Faccias has just what you're looking for to perfectly show your mom, aunt, grandmother, etc. just how much you love and appreciate them.

The ads shown above feature just one of our Mother's day Products we offer!

We don't remember days, we remember moments.

Bella makes those moments.

Visit our website:, Facebook, or call 1.800.401.8990 for the best information about our gourmet, quality, Mother's Day products!

Don't waste any time!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Your Age by Chocolate Math!

Here's a fun little chocolate quiz for you Bella Bloggers!

No cheating, here goes! Don't tell me your age. You'll Probably lie anyways. But the Hershey Man will know!

Age By Choclolate!

1. Pick the number of times a week you would like to have chocolate
(more than once but less than ten).
2. Multiply this number by two (just to be bold).
3. Add 5.
4. Multiply it by 50 .
5. If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1760. If not, 1759.
6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number.

The first digit was your original number (how many time s a week you would like to have chocolate.

The next two numbers are YOUR AGE!!! OH YES It IS!!!

Neat isn't it?

Stay alert for Bella's upcoming specials and thoughts for Mother's Day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Chocolate Trends!

Hello Everyone!

Here is an article Bella Faccias has found that you all might find interesting. After all, Bella Faccias is all about personalized gifts and making our products a unique one-of-a-kind experience for all our customers.

ENJOY! and Please feel free to comment.

From Joan Steuer, the chocolate market expert found at:


8. MAKE IT MINE OR GIVE ME FRESH, Cracking the Code

Customized means personalized, and consumers will pay more for “just for me”. Years ago, pre-Internet, customized meant "say what you want to say" on a chocolate bar wrapper or a giant fortune cookie paper strip. Or you could create your own message on a molded chocolate bar, but you had to order a designated minimum number of bars. Then Hershey's and Mars jumped into the game — Hershey's with custom messages on their Kiss plumes, and Mars not only offering personalized messages on M&M's, but now custom photos too, can be printed on that tiny centimeter of space on the surface of an M&M.

Even Russell Stover offers personalized images/photos and messages on their online chocolate boxes orders for unique gift opportunities.

If you'd prefer to select your own ingredients for a chocolate bar, there are now a lot of options from ordering a baker's dozen of your own custom nutritional "YOU BAR™" to spending five days at a micro-manufacturer (Askinosie) and working side-by-side with owner/chocolate maker and former criminal defense attorney, Shawn Askinosie in Missouri, to create your own personal batch — 200kg to 400kg of chocolate, or about 2350 to 4700 3-ounce chocolate bars for for a small fortune of $20,000. Askinosie, who is also one of the most passionate proponents of connecting consumers of his chocolate with the farmers who grow it, by featuring farmers on his packaging, states that the hefty pricetag on his custom 4-day chocolate-making camp experience is targeted to "really rich people". There are fewer of that group these days, but fortunately, we have lots of other options for choosing only the chocolates we like best for a custom gift for ourselves or others. Many online chocolate sites offer various box sizes and types, and a system for "hand selecting" the chocolates to go into the boxes.

While choosing your own chocolates out of a bulk case implies a certain degree of "just for me" customized selection, we all know those chocolates may have been shipped to the store months before. Thanks to the Internet, super-fresh chocolates are available via direct delivery, generally anywhere in the country, and often, even overnight. Both mass and specialty retail chains continue to work on "cracking the freshness code" by looking into in-store chocolate cases with touchscreen ordering, and chocolate "concierges" that point shoppers to display units for direct ordering and efficient drop-shipping to shoppers' homes. Unfortunately, the logistics of such programs are not a simple undertaking, and back-end refrigerated delivery continues to stymie progress. In the meantime, luxury artisan chocolatiers keep building their databases small order-by-small order, in an effort to consistently deliver kitchen-to-door fresh-batch chocolates.

Photo provided by Simon Howden /

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chocolate, Personalized, Heart Box!

One of many ways to say "I Love You" this Valentine's Day at Bella Faccias, is with a personalized, chocolate, heart box filled with delectable delights. Maybe within this box, tucked away in this chocolate paradise, is a ring! - what kind of ring? We'll leave that one up to you.

Bella delivers nothing but quality service and gourmet goods! All reasonably priced too!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


At Bella Faccias, our personalized Trufflegrams are a Bestseller. And might we add, our Trufflegrams are perfect for Valentine's Day. Each Truffle holds a printed, personalized message that one can express to their loved one (all are edible). One example would be, "Would You Marry Me?". All truffles are heart-shaped and perfectly arranged in a beautifully, designed box. How can you resist?!

Check this product out at

Time is ticking and Valentine's Day will be here before you know it.

So act fast and Have a Bella Day!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Valentine's Day

At Bella Faccias, we have the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your special someone! Here's what we are featuring for Valentine's Day:

Chocolate Heart Box with your love's picture printed right on top (all edible).

Chocolate Heart Shaped Lollipops that can feature your special someone's portrait (all edible).

Our special, Heart, Truffle-grams with custom, printed message (with box).

Strawberry, Apple Platters

And last but not least, our special 23K Tipped and Dipped Chocolate Roses in a Gold Box.

This list of goodies is hard to resist! All are filled with love, are delicious, made with high-quality products and reasonably priced.

1.800.401.8990 ~ ~ Old Forge, PA

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's Talk Bella

Hello Everyone! - and Welcome to the Bella Faccias Blog! Today's topic is an overview about what Bella Faccias does! Bella Faccias is a choclate company that encompasses many services such as:

Personalized Chocolates: We use a technology called Chocolography to print edible, inked, pictures directly onto chocolate. We print on chocolate coins, greeting cards, chocolate portraits, lollipops, gifts boxes, Truffle-Grams, CDs, etc. The list goes on! - and all are edible!

We also provide Business Gifts where you can print your company's business card, corporate events, logo, etc. onto chocolate gifts.

Bella Faccias also never excludes an occasion. Not only does Bella design for major holidays, but Bella also covers events such as Mothers Day, Bridal and Baby Showers, Birthdays, graduations, etc. Might we also add that we also cover Valentine's Day and Saint Patrick's Day - something to think about when your looking to give someone special a personalized and unique gift JUST for them.

A good Valentine's suggestion exclusively from Bella would be the Bella Faccias 23K Tip Chocolate Rose Gold Box or even the Strawberry, Apple Platter. Not only are these products part of our Bestseller's List, but don't forget our Trufflegrams! This product composes of a box of printed Truffles that entail personalized messages on each Truffle that expresses how much you love your special someone!

Lastly, but far from least of what Bella offers, are our noted Chocolate Fountains that we host for events!

Bella Faccias is high quality and realistic in price! We care about each and every customer and work hard to make each person happy and 100% satisfied. That is what Bella Faccias is all about.

Think about it, we are THE company that personalizes to YOU. There's no settling on some generic single design or single message that can be given to 10 people. YOU give the concept for the message and WE design for that message and intense quality with our high grade products that we offer and provide.

Please check us out on our website:

Also, don't forget to check out our testimonials section. You won't be disappointed. And, please, feel free to comment, ask questions, and even give a review is your are a current customers. We value everyone.

Thank You and have a wonderful Bella Day!